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The cornerstone of coaching is the belief that individuals are creative and resourceful – they hold their own answers. The role of a coach is to ask questions, listen, observe, identify behavior patterns, and support the individual’s own learning. Above all, coaching facilitates an individual’s professional and personal growth.

EquiCoaching is a unique approach to the coaching process. It incorporates one of life's natural leaders, the horse, along with a human coach to create a safe setting for exploration. The horses provide immediate feedback and insights, allowing you to learn quicker and move faster in your development process. You’ll unlock your ability to discover successful solutions, decide which aspects of your life to improve, and develop your own action plans to do so.

EquiCoaching is offered as individual or packaged sessions. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.

EquiCoaching Packages

You’ll save money and gain valuable insights with one of our EquiCoaching Packages. During this three-month, one-on-one learning process, you'll increase your awareness and receive honest, constructive feedback. Learn at your own pace with the assistance of our gentle horses and an attentive coach who is focused on supporting your goals. Test new skills with our horses and see the difference with each session.

Benefits of EquiCoaching:

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