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Unharness Your Leader-Self: Horse Assisted Leadership Activities Workshop

An energizing leadership experience with lasting results!

"Unharness Your Leader-Self" is an experiential workshop that provides a variety of leadership activities and teambuilding techniques to help develop your leadership skills and understand team dynamics. Designed for directors, managers, team leaders and supervisors, these leadership activities reveal how your leadership style is perceived and offer new approaches to enhance your results. You will interact with and learn from fellow participants and from a natural leader, the horse!

Our equine partners and professional staff guide participants through leadership activities, and discussions that heighten awareness of leadership styles, trust and respect, communication and decision making patterns, and uncover team dynamics. Our horses provides immediate feedback on participantsí leadership effectiveness and offer opportunities for profound personal growth. Participants identify their personal development areas and develop an action plan for improvement.

If you can get a horse to trust and follow you, you can do the same with people!

No horse experience is needed. All leadership activities are done on the ground. No riding is involved.

Leadership Activities Workshop Includes:

"Unharness Your Leader-Self" can be customized for the leaders of your company, or we can develop a workshop of leadership and teambuilding activities specific to the challenges your company faces with leadership and team dynamics.

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Unharness Your Leader-Self Workshop from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

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