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Why Horses?

The horse’s survival depends on living in the present moment, making accurate assessments, and responding immediately to the environment. Their senses are created and finely tuned for awareness of what is going on around them for nearly 360°. They are large and powerful creatures yet can feel even the tiniest insect on their body.

Unlike humans, horses respond to what is actually happening. When interacting with humans horses respond to what we are actually communicating – not what we think we are communicating. They know our intention – often before we do.

The horse recognizes the slightest tension in our bodies. They expertly read every non-verbal message communicated - whether or not we are aware of what we are communicating. Horses immediately sense when a person is acting aggressively, passively, fearfully, lovingly or honestly. They notice any inconsistencies between our actions and our emotions, and they respond honestly to what we communicate. Their responses give us insight into and information about our communication, our emotions, our actions, and our behaviors.

Interacting with horses provides the opportunity to gain fresh, honest awareness of our truth. Horses have no agenda. They don’t care about our power, position, title, degree, or salary. They know our truth. They give us the chance to learn what is profoundly difficult to learn from our human relationships.

Horses respond honestly to our human actions which provides us a unique opportunity to develop ourselves and our relationships as we notice the impact we have on the horses. Honest and immediate feedback makes horses the perfect teaching partners. Horses quickly educate people about how effective their actions are, how consistent they are in communicating, and how clearly they define their goals. L-E-A-D workshop participants have the opportunity to learn and experience new ways of being through interacting with the horses.

Successful interaction with horses requires being present in the moment, communicating clearly and consistently, and having thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are congruent. “Putting on a happy face” when we are angry, afraid, or frustrated does not work with horses.

Allow nature's greatest teachers to transform your life.

We honor and respect your comfort in discovering and learning with the horses. We provide a safe and confidential environment where you always have choices in exploring your truths.