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L-E-A-D Testimonials

Energy effects motivation. Celebrate wins. Be focused on my environment/surroundings not completely focused on the goal! I will think more about my actions and the effects my energy has on the team.

Greg Nicholas - Director of Peds.
Akron Children's Hospital

Two insights: 1) My emotional state sets the response from my team, 2) If I am too close, I lose sight of where I am as a leader. Horses are wonderful teachers by providing immediate feedback to my actions & respond to my emotional state.

Lisa Stanford - DIvision Director, Neurobehavioral Health
Akron Children's Hospital

The experience provided the opportunity to learn about myself, how behaviors influence team effort and the results achieved are impacted by the leader.

Janet Rogers, Director of Critical Care
Akron Children's Hospital

Reasoning doesn't work with the horses - you need to show leadership with confidence. The power of your other actions - physical, confidence, empathy vs. directing/commanding as a leader are important.

Bob Parry - Director, Pediatric Surgery
Akron Children's Hospital

The things you may bear can not only be positive but very growth-stimulating. I will work to create an atmosphere of team; be clear about how I communicate the task at hand; and be willing to course correct. It was clear how sensitive others are to us - how important it is to be clear/confident as a leader.

Georgette Constantinou - Pediatric Psychologist
Akron Children's Hospital

It was very enlightening. Sue had excellent advice and was able to clearly explain the similarities between working with the horses to leading at work.

Sheryl Handler, MD - Director of Orthopedic Surgery
Akron Children's Hospital - Mahoning Valley

The horse experience was a very thought-provoking & creative way to learn about leadership & how my actions/behaviors/words have the potential for positive & negative impact.

Beth Carr - Nursing Director, Surgical Services
Akon Children's Hospital

The horse experience was a mirror into my personality strengths, & weaknesses. I've allowed myself to be driven by my own engine & I must be careful not to drive others. Leadership means helping others find their "inner engine". This was excellent.

Michael Forbes, MD - Peds Critical Care
Akron Children's Hospital

I want to take the time to tell you that I think you are doing a fabulous job of connecting the learning to the workplace. I LOVE the whole piece about “you are now entering the horse world” and tying it to our patients and families entering our hospital. So, congratulations! This has definitely risen to meet my expectations and with your beautiful herd, we have exceeded my expectations (which by the way, is really hard to do!!!)

Karen Henry, RCC - Deployment Leader, Organizational Effectiveness and Transformation
Akron Children’s Hospital

The WAM workshop allowed me focused time to specify my needs in life. I gained clarity in my goals & objectives with clients and my loved ones.

Estelle Brown
Sky High Publicity

The WAM! workshop taught me how to set my boundaries and clearly communicate with my husband. It was valuable fore learning about boundaries, defining them, how they impact your life & how to change things.

Jennifer Batt,
USDA National Forest, White Mt. National Forest

The workshop provided a very unique but effective way of learning teamwork and non-verbal communication. I took away a much better understanding of the power of teamwork.

Ben Atkinson, Senior
Mount Union College

Ok….gotta brag on the program. I find myself thinking about “moving the horse” without any commands when I go to properties to speak with maintenance staff and I truly believe it has helped me improve relationships with the maintenance staff and just as importantly we have a win/win situation.

David W. Creek, Director of Technical Services
Buckingham Companies”

The reactons from the horses help bring out things that may not come out otherwise. Sue was able to see tendencies in me while working with the horses that I didn't recognize about myself. It was eye-opeing. One example is I don't celebrate success but just move onto the next thing without letting others knwo that we're done and have done a great thing. The Boundaries Workshop was the most useful professional development session I have ever attended. I learned things about myself that I wasn't even aware of. I also gained tools that Sue gave me to continue growing on my own. It was totally awesome and exceeded my expectations.

Cindy Gray, Visual Communications Leadn and eLearning Coordinator
Ohio State University

The workshop is something you really only "get" if you experience it yourslef. It's an amazing journey, and an irreplaceable experience.

Kristen Johnston, Special Projects Coordinator
Buckingham Managmeent, LLC

I felt powerful - physically & mentally. Confident to pursue the results I want from my career, family and especially from myself.

Jennifer Houchins, Regional Manager
Herman & Kittle Properties

It was a good experience to be out of my element, to take a realistic and whole look at myself. I learned to ask how I can be supportive and that even if someone doesn't have the answer themselves it can change the dynamic.

MJ Trujillo, Vice President
Barrett & Stokely Inc.

I learned to delegate tasks - make each person responsible & accountable to finish the task and not to jump in and do it myself which takes away from my time. The horses are amazing, strong yet gentle.

Maarilee Rose, Property Manager
J.C. Hart Company

The SAL Leadership Conference was amazing, women sharing, supporting, not judging and taking time for me.

Courtney Chevis, Reginal Manager
Gene B. Glick Company

I will not come on so strong at work and will be constantly doing my internal and external 360. The eye opener for me was I need to have a clear goal to get the horse (aka, employee) to move. When I was looking at the goal and spoke clar about it, the horse maneuvered quite easily. I love how relaxed I felt going away from this workshop. I really felt I had gained some very powerful tools both personally and that I can use at work. So having tools gave me peace of mind.

Faith Tatro, Owner
Touch of Faith Aesthetics

The workshops was a breath of fresh air & exhausting all at the same time. I took away a sense of pride, courage, and awareness. Most of all, I feel like myself or "whole" again.

Erin (Hofmann) Buehner, Property Manager
Van Rooy

In the round pen with Spirit and Sue, Sue was able to get me to be truthful and honest at which time Spirit came and stood by me. I will stop feeling guilty when I speak my mind. I took away Internal Peace.

Melissa Smalley, Property Manager
Greystone PMC

I learned that I miss the "Try" This is something not only have I never done, I've never even considered rewarding the effort of my employees. I will try to reward effort and not expect perfection.

Carrie Sietsma, Regional Property Manager

I learned to stop, take a breath, focus on becoming calm, not take myself so seriously and have FUN! The workshop was very personal - it may save my spirit, help me get my groove back and find myself.

Sheila Wolter, VP HR/Controller
J.C. Hart Co. Inc.

The LEAD program you do is amazing. I learned a tremendous amount about myself and how I relate to others. It's impossible to explain to anyone - it's something you have to experience for yourself. Thank you for opening up your farm to us and for your patience and support during the workshop. I can see how B.O.S.S. describes what you have begun. Horses are remarkable animals - Jazz, Boss and Flash put up with a lot to teach us a little about ourselves! Thank you!


The leadership event I attended was built around working with horses. I had no prior experience working with horses. So while I was a little apprehensive of getting in a ring with horses and working them, I also knew I was a very strong and determined individual who knew I could do anything I set my mind too. It was a great experience and it was amazing how much the horses were in tune with our souls. They knew when to test us for sure. For me individually, it brought to light things I had not realized before and some aspects I could work on, Sue knew the correct questions to ask in order for us to come up with the answers from within ourselves. It was real experiences as the horses were like staff we were trying to direct and we learned a lot from each exercise. I got more out of this seminar then I have in many courses I have attended in the past several years. If asked to return to this sort of event, my answer would be YES, without hesitation.

Stephanie Beeker, CPA, Assistant Controller
Van Rooy Properties

I was making too many assumptions of others without checking against reality, and taking too much responsibility for others. Horses taught me to communicate consistently. A unique experience to get in touch with oneself and one's boundaries.

Nilay Gutese Ooqbas
Istanbul, Turkey

What I learned from the horses and not from other trainings: horses are communicating and responding directly and purely. They are so simple in communication so they give very honest reaction to humans. I have learned how I impact others, I will be more respectful of my needs, and brave about expressing my needs regarding boundaries. Great experience.

Yesim Ozsinnat, HR Director
Iskerdesun Enj. Ileetim, Istanbul, Turkey

Extraordinary experience to discover what is your real longing.

Esra Oguz
Istanbul, Turkey

Communication is not about only words! Owning my creativity increases the impact of communication. I learned to leave space for others instead of pushing them harder when the communication level is low and to push myself harder to share my vision with others. Sometimes we are much more transparent to tohers than we think.

Emrah Azfi, Distributor Account Manager
Dell, Istanbul, Turkey

I have full potential and ability to lead, when I find what supports me in different situations, observe and be aware. I managed to influence Elana to do what I wanted her to do only by connecting with her.

Cahide Akkuzu, General Manager
Datateluili, Istanbul, Turkey

Getting out of my comfort zone and breaking the boundaries was a nice challenge. I learned how important self awareness is and will respond differently to conflict in the future.

Semrol Ksemen
Dell Computers, Istanbul, Turkey

Amazing - A ture expereince of connection at a deeper level. I learned self management of my anxiety and connected with more quality and effectiveness.

Belkus Benhabib, President
Mentor Leadership Development, Istanbul, Turkey

I sought Sue's help initially for career and leadership guidance. My two days with Sue and her herd of horses helped me break through the self-created barrier that was holding me back from reaching my professional and personal potential. It's two years later, and I am still happier than I have ever been and have accelerated my career success. I am and always will be eternally grateful for the support Sue and the herd provided me during those two intense days and the follow-up coaching. I highly recommend that anyone who feels that they are missing something or that they are not as happy or successful as they could be take a course from Sue. Sue and the horses help you find the answers within yourself

Mary Busby, Environmental Practice Leader
Oswald Companies

During the SAL Leadership Conference, I was impressed by how easily our instructors simulated real business scenarios using the horses. Working on our leadership skills in this environment made it easy to be accountable for both our verbal and nonverbal communication, which allowed us to learn the lessons quickly and begin adjusting our actions immediately. Since attending the conference, I have improved my ability to assess my environment, determine what I have contributed to the current situation, and change my behavior to promote the desired outcome.

Jordanna Paciorek, CPM, CCIM, Asset Manager
Edward Rose Companies

I can't thank you enough for your time and expert care in leading me through the workshop experiences we planned. It was absolutely healing, energizing, affirming and life giving!! I know that that is your business, but I can tell its more than a job, it is your passion and you give it your all. I felt that many times you went the extra mile for me to insure that I was getting what I wanted and needed. Also because you kept encouraging me to say what I wanted and needed. I believe that you do such a wonderful job not only because of your professional training, but also because of who you are.. kind, compassinate, deep feeling, insightful... and always very professional.

Terry Bartlett, Pastor

Observing herd behaviors was especially telling for me. It dramatically illustrated who was in the lead, who was following and who was disruptive to the whole. Being able to recognize those elements within a business community will allow me to direct my focus so that potential problems are avoided. Personnel pitfalls are costly and any savings for time and effort has a direct effect on my financial "bottom line". I would recommend this Leadership experience to all female decision makers that I know.

Kim Losacker
SAL Advanced Leadership Conference Participant

I make assumptions based on personal biases and I found that my assumptions were incorrct after communicating within the group. I will recognize my assumptions, where they come from and communicate for clarity. This expereince shook the core of who I am. I definitely needed a good SHAKING! And am grateful to have experienced this with other women. Thanks for everything! You guys ROCK!!

Jennifer Oswalt, Regional Supervisor
Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.

A unique opportunity to learn about self & leadership style via horses & other participants. The combination of the two made an impact and helped me gain self-awareness of areas I need to work on. Great Workshop! I'd encourage others to attend!

Erika Scott, Development Director
Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.

I learned the distinction between observation, assumptions and judging. Incredible! There were some very powerful emotions within me throughout. I was able to see other leaders "vulnerable" and understand that it's not a bad thing.

Nikki Johnson, Residential Property Manager
CFC, Inc.

Working with the horses was the most enlightening. I learned to ask for help and that it was OK. I also learned to that I should enjoy the moment and not minimize it. Enlightening, eye opening, at times uncomfortable, frustrating... a must to attend!

Heather Gaff, Regional Property Manager
Buckingham Management

What will remain with me is it is OK being me - that I can be vulnerable and show the soft side of me, and get ride of the old tapes. The experience was eyeopeing. It was uncomfortable being out of my comfort zone but exhilerating when the task was completed.

Glenda Beberdick, Area Manager
Pedcor Management Corp.

This has been the best, most "real" career seminar I have attended. I was able to better understand things about myself and have a better idea how to use the knowledge to improve my personal & professional life.

Angie Atkins, Regional Property Manager
Buckingham Management, LLC

There was profound change that I saw in everyone at the end of the last day. Truly an eye opener. Thank you!

Margie Williamson, Division President
Pedcor Management Corp.

The experience at the ranch is going to positively effect my family, my co-workers, and my friends. I learned to drop my walls and pay attention to the non-verbal signals I send to keep people away.

Lori Weber, Jr. Business SYstems Analyst
Buckingham Companies

I learned that using my voice is not always the most effective form of communication. I have gained more by really listening to what people are saying. It was fun and ablove all I felt safe to speak my feelings and really find who I am.

Jaime Dudlye-Brown, Area Manager
Pedcor Management

This was the most powerful/emotion provocking workshop or training experience I've participated in (and I was a trainer in a previous job).

Linda Ferrill, Regional Property Manager
Buckingham Management, LLC

I really enjoyed the time that I spent with you and Mary. I appreciated the openness and honesty of the entire group. I am pleased that I am now better able to see my strengths. As a trainer for my company, I am always worried how I am doing, is my teaching effective, am I getting buy-in, etc. I will concentrate on my strengths, which in turn will only make me better at my job and a happier person.

Ann Kesmodel
Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.

Thank you for all the insight that you and Mary helped me with at the Ranch. It has been really interesting applying the skills now that I am back to the daily reality. At least now I am looking for a feeling and not just thinking about everything. I know it has changed my life and how I interact with others.

Kimberly Thomas, CAM RCALA, Regional Property Manager
Crestwood Village

I attended the Kent State seminar in April and enjoyed your horses and the training. It was one of the best seminars I have been to. I wanted to thank you for e-mailing the "Weekly Mental Vitamin". I enjoy reading the information and I appreciate you including us in your mailings.

Laura Schroeder, Clerk of Court
Northwood Mayor's Court

It was important that I was able to talk about how I deal with things. Actually saying it makes me actually believe that is how I am. I understand myself better and hopefully I will keep learning too. I am going to write things down like I did here in the notebook because it makes me think about them more and helps a lot. Thank- you for everything!! I really appreciate it!

Arian Martin
Choices Participant

It became clear at the workshop that my issue was not the lack of being assertive or confident but rather I feared being rejected or embarrassed if I expressed myself. The coaching you provided after the workshop, your enthusiastic and comforting support and the reading I've done on my own has lead to things falling into place. I feel in control of my life, I'm in touch with my emotions which is allowing me to make informed decisions and clarity of thought drives the desire for greater understanding of who I am. Thank you so very much!

Randy Swilling, Ecologist
USDA Forest Service

The most valuable part of the workshop was the elegant simplicity of the design and activities under the very observant eye of Sue who brought our attention to what was happening. Mateo stayed with me when I was fully present, but lost interest in me when I tried to share my attention between him and listening to others. I can't fake being present. The workshop heightened my awareness of how my being, actions, and attention evoke a response in others. I'm responding differently and supporting myself in being more fully present with others, clients, and myself.

John Ledwith, Sr. Organization Development Consultant
Sandia National Laboratories

I was moved by walking my vision. The experience and coaching around it was enlightening and helped me understand that my vision is about my own healing first. My work in the world and ability to service and teach others will grow out of this fundamental necessity. The workshop was a profound and moving experience. It was a pleasure and an honor to learn from Sue, and to benefit from the wisdom and insights she shared with the other participants. It was a magical day and a tremendously meaningful experience.

Amy Painter, National Sea Grant College Program
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

My take away from the workshop was immediate, and was actually the start of more development for me. Prior to meeting with a new client or anyone that I want to build a relationship with, I assess how I’m feeling. Once I have identified my emotions I can choose to calm myself or put myself in a different mood, which leaves me more confident and comfortable in the meetings. More of my initial meetings with prospective clients have turned out more positively and have turned into more business. In fact, my business billed 68% more revenue this past year as opposed to previous years of 12-15% growth.

Jim Smith, President
People, Inc.

The LEAD workshop was a nice change from the traditional classroom setting. Hands on activities spur self-actualization. We send our managers through this seminar as a foundation for their leadership development. Getting people to examine themselves and becoming aware of their behaviors is the cornerstone to leading others. The value is irreplaceable. My own experience with the LEAD workshop was instrumental in my own self awareness and understanding the dynamics of different personalities.

Kelly Loebick-Frascella, Director of Human Resources
Main Street Gourmet

Coaching Testimonials

Months after my coaching, I continue to benefit from the time I spent with Sue Thomas. Through her coaching, I have learned to increase my effectiveness without depleting my energy. I’ve applied their techniques in both my personal and professional life and have seen noticeable changes in all aspects. The coaching held me accountable to the practice of investing in myself as a resource in order to achieve my goals.

Jordanna Paciorek, CPM, CCIM, Asset Manager
Edward Rose Companies

Hardly a day passes that I don’t reflect on some part of my coaching with Sue. Although I knew there was always room from improvement and self development I was off the mark on where I needed to focus my energy. Working with Sue helped me to see that many of the areas I struggled with were merely my own internal thought processes. Sue helped me to literally change the way I think. This simple change, although not so simple in reality, has given me internal peace. I began to understand that I only got out of life what I put into life and in order to get what I really wanted I had to step outside of my comfort zone. I have pushed my boundries and I feel lighter, days are sunnier and I am more comfortable with myself and more in control of my life!

Jaime Dudley-Brown, CPM, Area Manager
Pedcor Management Corp.

The coaching session provided a deep realization of the valuable lessons from the workshop. I thought I was good at being in the moment before. What this has done for me is provided the “BAM” I needed to recognize I was not. The “aha’s” from the workshop continue to make themselves known to me, while the coaching provided tools to integrate those lessons deeper into my life.

Jenny Parkes, Regional Property Manager
Van Rooy Properties

Consulting Testimonials

"I learned that all my life I had self-imposed limitations. I have let people get to me. I feel a sense of new found freedom to know my future is bright and unrestricted! Thanks Sue.

Mike Braun, QA/Sanitation Supervisor
Main Street Gourmet

"People make up companies, so it should come as no surprise that when individuals learn & grown to their fullest potential, so to can their organizations.

Paul Sutton, R&D Scientist

"I learned my values, an understanding of self-esteem and self-image, that I am in charge of my destiny, attitude and my self-worth. It allowed me to realize that I have choices & I can be anything. I now have the tools to believe in my worth & my goals."

Kim Seng

I wanted you to know how wonderful I thought the training was. I hope it “changes” a lot of people as it did me. You were a great facilitator and I have really enjoyed working with you!

Portage County Head Start

Your presentation was great and everything I expected it to be and more. Everyone in attendance truly enjoyed it and received some really good "attitude" knowledge. It certainly made all of us more aware of how important "attitude" is, not only in the workplace but in our everyday lives!

Elaine Frankowski, President
Medina County Chapter IAAP

The course you presented gave me an awareness of many issues that are affecting me in my business as well as my family life. This will be a continual process of renewal that will need revisted.

David J. Chrien, President

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the class and to thank you for some helpful information. I saw our HR Manager last night and highly recommended that the course be added to her toolkit.

Republic Engineered Products

Excellent article in the e-News letter!

Harry Schoenfeld, President/VP Sales
Kraft Fluid Systems

The e-News letter was "Excellent". That story was the teacher this student needed today. Thanks.

Mark Pinto, President

What a powerful experience! Thanks for sharing it. Those of us "creatives" sometimes force what should be natural because we're taught just that -- be forceful, assertive, in control. I'm learning a lot about force and motivation lately and your message helps reinforce that if I just breathe deep and experience the moment, the answers are right there. Thank you for being the bright star that you are!!

Margaret Davis, Continuing Education Director
American Institute of Architects, Georgia

I wanted to thank you for sending me all of your very special newsletters. Some of these I passed on to others at Laurelwood. I believe the work you are doing is helping people who otherwise may not be reached. When I read your delightful story today about you and your horse, it reminded me of my relationship with my ornery dog, and I had to laugh. What a wonderful way to connect this incident with leadership skills!! I am retiring on Friday, but I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated what I learned from you.

Doris Reik , RN, CNS , Director of Professional Education
Laurelwood Hospital

M-A-P, LLC did a good job summarizing the data and feedback from our employees in a professional and timely manner. The survey was well received by Management and the Advisory Board. We were impressed with survey results, participation rate, and richness of the data presented in the analysis. The feedback was received constructively and positively, and we’ve already got action items in process.

Brad Steven, COO
MC Sign

Sue provides great training for me as the CEO of the organization and is working with my staff to standardize processes. She is teaching them to recognize opportunities and to aid in business growth.

Morgan McIntosh, CEO

M-A-P, LLC has provided excellent services to our company over the past five years. Sue's expertise and knowledge guided us through restructuring for growth, redefined key roles, implemented a performance management system, and has helped hire several of our employees. Sue is always professional and has provided us great value by building relationships based on trust.

David Star, President
L.J. Star Incorporated

Sue successfully bridged the gap between upper management and other employees, while keeping the importance of the bottom line in good perspective. She led our company to establish and maintain a culture of employee involvement and continuous improvement. Sue is a change agent who envisions, encourages and leads improvement through risk-taking and consensus building.

Jack Harley, President
JWH Group Inc.