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Unharness The Leader in You

The horse seemed huge to me ... mammoth and capable of moving. How could I trust it to stand still? I was terrified, almost panting as I experienced breath hunger.

I was sad. This was all way too much for me. I struggled to mount and barely tolerated a short ride on the farm, longing to get back to the barn, down to the ground, and off into my car, alone, where I felt safe and in control. The horse was patient. He endured me. This was an experience I had riding on a farm with one of my advertisers who had invited me to join her for the day. Weeks later, reflecting on the experience, it occurred to me to talk to Sue Thomas about it. I knew that her insights would help me to process what had happened to me in a way that would allow me to grow from the experience and transfer what I learned to better understand my behavior in business. Now that sounds like quite a stretch, but I was sure that Sue Thomas was the one to talk to about that troubling day. While working with Sue, you don't ride horses, but you do engage them and learn about yourself while doing so.

Some time passed after my ride and I was able to speak freely to Sue Thomas about my experience. Talking with Sue, a leadership & life coach, trainer who uses horses to teach leadership, teambuilding, communication and life skills, about my experience was life changing. Was this the way I approached my clients each day? Was I overwhelmed, afraid, unwilling to stretch beyond my comfort zone? And how did this make others feel? Did they endure my approach? What did I want? How was I to get it? I wanted to engage my clients ... to enjoy them and to get to know them and their business so that I could serve them. Was I allowing my fear to block that possibility? Of course, I was! Just seeing that birthed a resolve in me to say no to the fear and to stretch beyond it.

With Sue's help and insight, I saw myself differently and chose to make changes. I found I was able to open up joyfully with my advertisers. My clients and I were excited to work together and to plan winning strategies. We were vibrant and alive and exploring. We were decisive. I was leading and we were all enjoying the ride.

Sue Thomas is uniquely qualified to provide training, leadership, and life coaching. While working with participants in individual or in the group sessions, she asks, "What needs work and what needs to be released?" Her training is in Human Resource Management at Baldwin Wallace where she studied human services, phychology and sociology. She earned her Masters from Case in Organizational Development and Analysis. She has studied as far away as Belgium and as close to home as Cleveland's own Gestalt Institute. She has received international coach training and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

What is unique about the coaching and training she delivers is that it encompasses the larger picture. It is empathetic, taking in the whole person... body, mind and spirit... and the whole environment. Sue works alone or with her colleague, psychologist Dr. Mark Malek to achieve breakthrough results in professional and personal growth and development. An individual session lasts two hours and costs no more than standard therapy, although what Sue does is not therapy, but awareness and skill building using a unique approach, which includes horses. Sue and her team work with their four horses on her 40 acre farm or they travel to spaces where there are horses across the globe offering unique opportunities to develop leadership and life skills through her business LeadershipEAD, LLC.

Some might describe this as just plain horse sense. I experienced it differently. This, I thought, was not ordinary work. These were extraordinary results, provided by a woman who is not just a well-trained coach and professional, but who is a gifted healer. Sue Thomas is a woman you should know. Vist her website at: www.LeadershipEAD.com.

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