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Employee, Customer, Vendor Surveys

Leadership means having your finger on the pulse of the organization, knowing what your customers need and want, ensuring effective communication, removing productivity barriers, developing your employees, and staying on top of the latest technology. But you can't do all of that alone.

Engaging People . . .the key to success.

Your employees are the lifeblood of the company and the link between the company and its customers. Gathering employee feedback and taking appropriate action increases employee loyalty which leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

LeadershipEAD, LLC provides on-line surveys to gather data from your employees, customers, and vendors in a confidential, non-threatening way. Through our engagement surveys, people voice their opinions openly and you receive valuable information about the organization.

We collaborate with you to determine what information would be most valuable and design the survey using a variety of scaled and open-ended questions. After that, we:

Communication is more than just talking at people; it requires asking their opinions and making changes to support their needs. Asking their opinion and taking action demonstrates strong leadership, builds relationships, reduces turnover, and creates a culture of trust.

Survey areas may include:

We design the surveys to be completed in less than 20 minutes, in one sitting, at a fraction of the cost to do interviews. Create a baseline and measure your success over time with our quarterly follow-up mini-surveys.

If you don't ask, how will you know when you're doing the right thing? Worse yet, if you don't ask, how will you know when you've missed the mark? Asking shows you care and provides valuable information.